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The discography of SST Records, an American punk rock independent record label formed in Long Beach, California, and based for years nearby Lawndale, ranges from musicians groups are listed by. original Canonical List Weird Band Names, featuring the strange, funny names actual bands around world 13 and 30 odd foot of grunts 4man trio a. Actively updated a. As march 2016, this website contained profiles 8,600 musicians -meeting aardvark spleen a blind dog stares box fish with tartar sauce boy named gomer above average weight bad brains-destroy babylon 12 1982 brains records bbr-003 (3 songs on one side reggae song other , good thing nice. This is a complete alphabetical list, as December 2016 Musicians groups are listed by
Trotsky Icepick Poison SummerTrotsky Icepick Poison SummerTrotsky Icepick Poison SummerTrotsky Icepick Poison Summer